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we turned 1!

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we officially turned 1!
and have some news

Hey INKFAM! Karen (founder) here, and yesterday, wbco. turned 1 year old! The TATTOO SPONGE had its official launch on July 31st 2018 and man did that first year of business go fast… With all the ups and downs of launching a new product to the Tattoo and Tattoo Aftercare market, I had time to reflect on the progress of where the brand is today. The highlights included: kickstarting wholesale to tattoo shops in Canada, USA and even Norway (see list here), working with a number of influencers and tattoo models, continuing to support and represent members of the LGBTQ community, as well as being inclusive of POC in the brand’s feeds and outreach, dropping 3 (4th coming super soon promise!) episodes of the show “ink/culture” on YouTube and IGTV, launched a small capsule collection of merch called “INK’D + litt (that you can find here >) and continue to have amazing customer reviews come in.

Check out our Launch Event video from last summer here:

Challenges? Introducing and EDUCATING the tattoo community about our product. A ‘SPONGE’ seems a bit weird, unsanitary and unnecessary (I have your comments and DMs saved in my screenshots - I AM listening to your feedback), and realize a lot of people are hesitant. If the tattoo aftercare you were using was ok up until now, then why re-invent the wheel?

We hear you. And we also say - why NOT cleanse gentler, why NOT reduce scabs, reduce ITCH, and why NOT help speed healing in a healthier gentler way too? The product’s unofficial tagline is: “NOT YOUR BASIC SPONGE / NOT YOUR AVERAGE AFTERCARE” - and I think I need to do a better job of educating WTF it actually is. Including the STERILIZABLE aspect, cause germs + newly inked skin = a no-no. (In case you wanna geek out, you can read more on our recommendation to sterilize via microwave on the Publication by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health here >). That said, I’m working on new ways to market and message and eliminate the ‘why tho’ hesitation, and hopefully get into the hands of more customers, artists and shops!

Also, the name wbco. is a little bit of a mystery and a lot of people find it confusing to pronounce (it’s w-b-koh fyi). wbco. = washbeautyco., the original brand name (before I changed it to tattoo care). Just a heads - now that the brand has moved away from that original brand, it makes no sense to keep it - so this will VERY LIKELY change… so stay tuned.

Onto NEW adventures…

Well, I’ve been working quietly behind the scenes to launch new products under our parent company CKARTL Inc. They will still be small-batch, locally made plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free products, and will not only include tattoo aftercare products, but also unisex skin and grooming products as well. Some products will be hemp focused and some will have CBD. So keep an eye on us as we blast-off into year TWO!

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